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JComposer aim to be a complete Java based music composition tool, using XML as its main file format.

Main features we're aiming to:

  • 100% Pure Java application (based on JDK1.4.2 - Java2D)
  • High quality WYSIWYG notation editor
  • Intuitive mouse gesture interface
  • Fast keyboard editing (as we have with source code editors)
  • Custom and automatic notation layout engine
  • High quality score rendering
  • Full MIDI support
  • Music knoweledge modules, for computer aided composition
  • Plugin framework
  • Web modules, for on-line music score publishing
  • Web services, for on-line music score services
  • Open APIs.

JComposer is a 8 years old project that Sonicle resarted many times, following new Java API changes.
After working on a new rewrite using Java2D and JDK1.4, we decided to make JComposer an Open Source project so that people may help make it a full featured product on any platform.

The current sources are available for evaluation and brainstorming on the new directions to take.
Any developer interested in the project may help here.